Our Guarantee

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t have more peace of mind about your future after mediating with us, we will refund your fee in full - no quibbles.

Why do we do this?

We believe clients deserve certainty about outcomes when paying for services and we understand family separation is an uncertain time.

If we are not meeting our clients’ needs for peace of mind and clarity about their future – frankly we don’t want to be paid!

We take our work seriously.

We take our guarantee seriously – and you can too.

Our clients have family law disputes they want to resolve.  We understand the value clients place on finding solutions that get them out of that holding pattern and moving forward again.

If our knowledge, skills and experience in Family Dispute Resolution do not deliver a clearer more certain pathway forward for you, we don’t want you to pay us a red cent!

It will be to our benefit to refund you 100% of your fee and for us to use the experience to learn how we can improve what we do and meet the expectations of those we serve.

To be clear, not all clients agree on all the issues in dispute at mediation – though our settlement rates are high. Any agreement reached in Family Dispute Resolution is one the participants voluntarily reach themselves.

We believe we have the experience, knowledge and skills to give our clients the best opportunity to resolve their dispute cooperatively. Our guarantee is proof we also have skin in the game.